#wecreatestories: Resume of the International Youth Reporter Training

Andrea Ortner / 13.09.2018
Gruppenfoto aller Teilnehmenden

Ready to create stories: the whole team right before joining the European Youth Conference

Well, I went […] to Vienna to the Youth Conference and the training/workshop with international participants from all over Europe - it was great! Such refreshing input from everyone, so many clever thoughts and amazing projects to empower people!“

This is exactly the textmessage I sent to a friend of mine while I was driving home after our „International Youth Reporter Training“, which took place from 1.9. to 5.9.2018 in Vienna. The atmosphere was indeed special and the air inside the „Schraubenfabrik“, our headquarter, brizzling with animated discussions – no surprise given the fact that young people from nine different European countries were present. So what did we, adolescents from Croatia, Austria, Finland, Ireland, Slowakia, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Poland actually busy ourselves with these days?

First day: A bunch of strangers

Suffice it to say, the first day was mainly one big get-to-know-each-other-event, where we found out about passions and projects people were currently working on. Eventually we weren´t strangers to each other anymore, but already likeable aquaintainces. And while enjoying dinner together, one could already feel it, hanging there in the air, intangible and yet very present: a paneuropean vibe, that would accompany us from now on wherever we would go.


Life is better with food: Taking a break and making conversation

Second day: Social media on a whole new level

Chase is a quite popular and successful Belgium platform, run by social media experts who – hold your breath reader – actually came to Vienna to share their knowledge with us! Powered by enthusiasm and caffeine we listened carefully as Marijn and Sasha educated us on how to shoot and edit videos. They explained in great detail what´s important in order to catch the viewers attention and how each social platform has a unique style when it comes to video content. Whether it´s Facebook, Instagram or YouTube – each needs a different approach and features differents aspects of a video. One thing, however, they all have in common: the attention-span of a potential viewer lasts more or less three seconds. Yes, just THREE SECONDS. That´s how much time you have to catch the viewers attention and make him or her stay to watch the whole thing. Pressure´s on for sure here.


Marijn showing us how to make the design of a YouTube video

Third day: get to work already!

Keeping the three-seconds-rule in mind, we set out to put into action what we learned the previous day. Our objective: Take part in the European Youth Conference, collect footage, make interviews and do whatever it takes to create a short video/ insta story/ vlog that catches the atmosphere at the conference and gives the viewer a representative impression of what is going on. While we for sure underestimated the effort it would take to create such content – finding interview partners, check video and audio quality, cut the scenes, find music, creating an interesting narrative – the outcome was definitely worth it.


Working at the European Youth Conference

Fouth day: It´s showtime ladies and lads

As stated above, the whole work process was exhausting, but also greatly rewarding when we presented the results to each other. Finally understanding the effort it took to shoot and edit a video or story, it was a whole new experience to look at the videos and vlogs our friends had created. Interestingly, everyone had taken a different approach – be it a funny vlog, an informative video or highlighting and focussing only on one or two main topics. You can check them out soon here.


Can I get a short statement?

Being done with working we spent the last hours in Vienna together doing a boat tour, going to the Prater and checking out the newest Albertina exhibition. Looking back again, I´m still overwhelmed by all the impressions that I was – in a very positive way – bombarded with. I surely was having a blast, and I can happily assure you that it wasn´t just me feeling this way:

“The most interesting part of the training was the combination of learning new skills and the time spent together with great people from different countries.“ – Sarah (Austria)

“My experience of the International Youth Reporter Training in Vienna was absolutely amazing! I learnt so much that I didn’t know before and it was such an amazing opportunity to attend the EU Youth Conference. I met so many amazing people who are so talented, and really hope we get to meet again!“ – Roisin (Ireland)

“I literally loved the entire idea of the Training. I finally could meet people from all over Europe and share our ideas and problems on journalism, volunteer work and NGOs' issues. I saw that for people that love working on NGOs or projects there is no language or culture border.“ – Iga (Poland)

“It was an incredible experience I'm so grateful to have had. I not only got to learn new skills but also make so many new friends. And it was amazing to be part of the EU Youth Conference, seeing so many youths want the same goals to make Europe better.“ – Cole (Ireland)

The event that I experienced in the past few days truly surprised me. Starting from a truly heartwarming group of people that I had the great pleasure to work with. Next to the very detailed knowledge about the topics that I thought I knew very well. But I honestly think that the best feature of the event was the participation in the Youth Conference. Not only had we the opportunity to test our new skills in a strongly demanding environment, but we could see for ourselves how important the Youth Goals are for European countries. Overall this was a unique learning experience and what may be even more important, it was enjoyable from the first day to the very last minute.“ – Bartek (Poland)

“It was an amazing feeling to connect with so many people you only just met. Because we all had something in common or wanted to our stories.“ – Kathi (Austria)

The past 5 days were the most intense exhilarating and productive days of my life. I was with so many great young people who explored themselves and stepped outside of their comfort zones in order to learn and achieve something amazing. We managed to do something we'd never done before in such a short space of time that I feel overwhelmingly proud of everything we did.“  - Lariane (Ireland)

What a time to be alive, isn´t it?


#YouthReporter: we definitely created awesome stories

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